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Work with us

T-Mining is one of the first high-tech companies that is developing Blockchain powered applications for transport and logistics.
We are looking for enthusiastic developers to join our team.  We offer a relaxed and focused working environment in the center of Antwerp, and time for you to grow and learn new technologies. Feel activated? Shoot us an email and let's have coffee!

We are looking for a junior developer

Do you have knowledge of full stack web development and modern frameworks and tools like e.g. Ruby on Rails, React, Feathers, W3C web components, …? Are you familiar with Javascript server-side development with node.js or do you have experience with mobile app development, preferably based on Ionic?

That's great! We could be a great match! Why don't you contact us on to meet?

Also: any knowledge of blockchain technology and smart contract development with Solidity would be nice, but most important is your willingness to learn about this new technology.

And we are looking for senior developers too!

Do you have more experience with the technologies listed above? Great! Don't hesitate to give us a quick mail on to discuss how your knowledge can fit in our future plans.. 

Please also include a cv or LinkedIn reference.

Note: we are not interested in proposals from intermediaries as body shops or software development companies. 

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